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For over 25 years Marino has dedicated his time to photography, his greatest passion.
For 20 years he was responsible for news photography for the newspaper Il Piccolo, then he chose the way of innovation and growth.
Marino is publicist and qualified for producing artistic works and for the photographic composition in compliance with the Italian law. In 2013 he worked for the first time in China with the El Grande Group (Hong Kong) and then with Ferrari China and Emergency Hong Kong.
• Freelance for Life, Panorama, l’Espresso, Epoca, Corriere della sera, la Repubblica, il Giornale, Rizzoli, Bompiani, for the New York Publishing House Alfred A. Knopf and for Gallimard Livres D’Art Paris.
• His pictures were chosen for the works of famous writers, artists and journalists, such as Enzo Biagi, Fulvio Tomizza, Veit Heinechen and Edi Kante.
• He works with the most important Italian companies, and he also is a point of reference for many public and scientific bodies of the region.
• Marino’s photos are used for scientific projects but also for cinema, theatre, architecture, advertising, events and he also is official photography teacher at the Università Popolare di Trieste .
Marino had many personal and collective exhibitions. Among these we remember:
Trieste che scompare (Disappearing Trieste, Revoltella Museum, Trieste 1994)
Alinari National Museum of Photography, Florence.
1+2=alef (2009) and 50th Anniversary of the reunion of Trieste to Italy (2004), whose pictures were given to the Italian President. Marino permanently exposes at the Museum.
Biennale Diffusa di Trieste, in connection with the  Biennale d’Arte di Venezia (2011)
Personal exhibition at the Zagabria Italian Community, in Fiume, Capodistria and Vienna (2013).
Discarded things - The excellences of Trieste and of its land, Hong Kong, 2013
Official launch event fashion photographer Jean Louis David at Paris in September 2014
Hon Kong 2015 - Jean Louis David - opening fashion
Milano Expo 2015 - book fair
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